Headquartered in Hong Kong, with workshops in Shenzhen and Shanghai, SRT (S&P) is a green, diversified and creative professional architects firm providing clients total solution professional services in Ecological Urban Master Planning, Green Building Design and Green Labeling Certification Consultancy, Ecological Environmental Landscape Design, Sustainability Assessment, Project Feasibility Studies, Project Management and Post Occupancy Training for green building operations and management.

Up to now, We have successfully completed more than 200 projects in 50 mainland cities with total building area of over 60 million square meters, covering different project types including residential, industrial, office, commercial and shopping complex mixed-use developments, tourism real estate, resort hotels, villas, city squares and theme parks, etc. SRT (S&P) has developed to become one of the most experienced Hong Kong professional firms on mainland projects and with proven track record and achievements.

In recent years, SRT (S&P) focuses on ecological and environmental planning, low energy use and low carbon emission buildings, and green building labeling certification consultancy for CGBL, LEED, BREEAM, and Beam Plus certification. SRT(S&P) further invested resources in research and development on ecological urban planning, “sponge city” strategies, low energy use building and building industrialization topics.

SRT (S&P) strive always to achieve our objectives for “Green, Diversify and Innovate”.

For more information, please visit our website: http://www.srtdesign.com or email: srts&p@srtdesign.com

城设在香港、深圳及上海设有工作室,以“绿色·多元·创新”为宗旨,为客户提供一站式的专业服务(TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER),包括生态城区规划、绿色建筑设计及认证、园林生态环境设计、及可持续环境评估、项目前期可行性研究、项目管理和交付使用后绿色运营的培训等。


近年,我们致力推动生态环境规划和低能耗低碳排建筑,开展中国绿色建筑评价标准、LEED、BREEAM、BEAM PLUS等绿色标识认证及咨询服务,更投入科研资源在生态城区规划、海面城市规划、低能耗建筑设计、及建筑工业化的课题上。


如欲查询或获取最新资料,请到我们的官方网站或电邮: http://www.srtdesign.com or email: srts&p@srtdesign.com

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