New Issue of SRT MAG is Published on Mar 2017 城設 • 誌2017年3月號現已出版

New Issue of SRT MAG is Published on Mar 2017
The new issue of the SRT MAG has been published. Interested parties can obtain the magazines in our website: to view or download the magazine.
The content of the SRT MAG March 2017 issue is comprehensive and diversified, comprising the “Comparative Analysis of International WELL Building Standard”, “Therapeutic Value Study of Landscape and Environmental Design for Hospitals Based on the Investigation and Analysis of Patient Behavior” and Our project sharing – “Macau’s first GBL 3 star building — Existing building upgrade: Macau’s Science Center” etc.
城設 • 誌2017年3月號現已出版
城設 • 誌2017年3月號現已出版現已出版。今期內容包括國際WELL健康建築認證標準的特色剖析及患者就診行為分析的醫院療養景觀設計探討;以及澳門科學館既有建築的綠色化升級改造項目等。
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第十三屆國際綠色建築與建築節能大會暨新技術與產品博覽會圓滿結束 13th International Conference on Green and Energy Efficiency Building Closes on a High Note

城設集團今次的參展攤位以VR虛擬體驗分享我們的項目成果,並致力推廣及解說城設為客戶打造的全方位全過程的綠色生態規劃與建築設的項目策略。同時我們精心設計了集團展位、宣傳短片和集團宣傳資料,並在大會綠色建築設計理論、技術和實踐論壇中發表演講,介紹高層高密度城市的整合式生態住區設計策略。此外,我們送出的綠色小禮品”Grow Green – 太陽花種子”亦大受歡迎,相信來年的國際綠色建築與建築節能大會暨新技術與產品博覽會將更加豐富和精彩,期待2018年再度相見,或你更可關注我們微信(WeChat id: SRT-design),獲得更多城設的最新設計及綠建消息。
The 13th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo closed successfully on Mar 22, 2017.
SRT Design Group directors, Mr Edward Shen, Ms Irene Lai and Dr Edison Zhang, together with our engineers Mr. John Wang, Ms. April Hao and Ms Winnie Hu attended the conference.
At this year’s, SRT Design Group’s exhibition booth, we show-cased our green building projects to our visitor by a virtual reality (VR) walk-through experience. Our directors also gave talks at the conference sharing our experience on “Integrated Design Strategy for Sustainable Neighborhood Development in High Density City”. To create more interest and awareness in attaining a green environment, we gave out “GROW GREEN – Portulaca seeds” to our visitors.
As our 5 minutes shower showers sandglass timer we gave out at last year’s exhibition, our Portulaca seeds attracted a continuous stream of visitors to our exhibition booth.
We look forward tremendously to meet you all next year, before then, you can follow our (WeChat id: SRT-design) for our news and information sharing.
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SRT Design Group’s new website has been launched on March 2017. The new website was designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing viewers to access our web pages across all major social networking platforms.
With an aim to facilitate viewers to find the desired information and service easily on our website. The presently launched version will be just our phase one update, the phase two update will be launched later this year to provide more comprehensive information and experience sharing capabilities.
Please visit our website at Your comments are highly appreciated.

城設入圍香港 環保建築大獎2016 | SRT was selected finalist in Green Building Award 2016


2016年11月22日,香港「環保建築大獎2016」於香港萬豪酒店公佈得獎名單並舉行頒獎晚宴,城設設計集團董事沈埃迪先生及張智棟博士連同劉升陽女士與郝桐平女士參加了本次典禮。其中,城設參與的研究專案《中國綠色生態城區評價中的人文研究——美國LEED Neighborhood Development、英國BREEAM Community、日本CASBEE-Cities和德國DGNB Urban Districts的比較》獲頒「環保建築大獎2016」入圍專案,集團張智棟博士作為代表上台領取證書。

On November 22,2016, winners of the 2016 Green Building Award (GBA 2016) were announced at the award presentation ceremony held at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong. Our founder Mr Edwards Shen, together with Dr Edison Zhang, Ms Sunnie Lau & Ms April Hao were at the ceremony. SRT’s research paper “Establishment of Humanity Aspect of The Evaluation Standard for Green and Ecological Urban Districts in China – Comparison of LEED Neighbourhood Development, BREEAM Community, CASBEE-Cities and DGNB Urban Districts”, successfully became one of the Finalists and Dr Edison Zhang received on stage the certificate as SRT’s representative.

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