SRT Eco-Experience Tour to Shenzhen Nine Dragon Eco-Agriculture Park 城設深圳九龍生態農業園生態體驗之旅


On 23-24 December 2017, to celebrate Christmas, SRT’s Shenzhen and HK staff went outing to the Nine Dragon Eco-Agriculture Park in Shenzhen and enjoyed a two-day ecological tour on the urban farm.
To benefit from the more than 3,300 acres of natural environment and agricultural land of the park , we adopted the outing theme of “Eco-Experience”to reinforce the notion that we have always upheld our company’s core value of “GREEN, DIVERSIFY, INNOVATE”, and that we support environmental protection and advocate green practice in all our company’ s activities and operations.
One of the most challenging group activities during the two-day event was the three-person, four-legged race on a simulated pebbles-bed race track while unmercifully tested the participants’ thresh hold for pain and endurance, nevertheless the game succeed to demonstrate the importance of team members’ cohesion and mutual support in order to win the race. The subsequent was without doubt the noisiest game of all, that also kicked up the most dirt and sweat for the two teams. Interestingly, group skipping was very actively participated and enjoyed by most, may be having brought back childhood memories. The most savoring activity of the whole outing must be our lunch-cooking competition, both for expediency as well as gratification of the taste buds. All the food ingredients are organic, including free-run chickens and organic vegetables direct from the farm, cooking was done with firewood in open air. It was a short but truly invigorating outing for all, under almost perfect outdoor temperature, sun and blue sky.


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3rd International Conference-Workshop on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design (ICWSAUD 2017) 第三届国际可持续建筑与城市设计研讨会(ICWSAUD 2017)

3rd International Conference-Workshop on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design (ICWSAUD 2017)

第三届国际可持续建筑与城市设计研讨会(ICWSAUD 2017)

The Universiti Sains Malaysia’s “3rd International Conference-Workshop on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design (ICWSAUD 2017)” was staged in the Royale Ballroom at the Royale Chulan Penang Hotel, Malaysia on 13-15th November 2017. The Conference theme is ‘Sustainability in Global Economic Uncertainty’. The conference was well attended by industry practices and professionals from all over the world with lively exchanges of practice experience and sharing of vision on the topic of sustainable architecture and urban design.

Our founder Mr Edward Shen was invited to be one of the Keynote Speakers, the topic of Mr.Shen’s talk was “The Role and Value of Architecture and Architects in a New Era of World Economics and Development”.



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世界華人建築師協會與廣東省建築研究院的學術交流 World Association of Chinese Architects’ (WACA) delegation to Guangzhou

On 10 August 2017, the World Association of Chinese Architects’ (WACA) President Mr. Edward Shen, Hon Secretary Mr. Xiaohe Su and Administration Assistant, Miss Kejia Zhu paid a courtesy visit to the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province. The official WACA representatives also joined up with WACA members of the Ling Nan Architecture Academic Committee for a tour of an old Guangzhou residential district where historically only high government officials and the society riches were privileged to live and stay. To complete the tour experience, Mr. Shen and companions spent a memorable night at an old refurbished manor with elegantly and meticulously fitted out and spacious rooms,4a true cultural and historical experience to culminate the visit.

New Issue of SRT MAG is Published on Aug 2017 城设 • 誌2017年8月号现已出版

The new issue of the SRT MAG has been published. Interested parties can obtain the magazines on our website to view or download the magazine.
In this issue, we wish to invite our friends and colleagues to first visit the section on WOW. WOW is our new design brand name and new design team within the SRT Design Group. Also, we want to share with you about our most recent design project “Xixiang Waterfront Town Masterplanning Design Competition”

Interested parties can obtain the magazines in our website:
to view or download the magazine.

城设 • 誌2017年3月号现已出版现已出版。今期内容包括WOW工作室个人专访;以及深圳市宝安区西乡滨海风情小镇规划设计项目等。 欢迎大家亲临本公司网站阅览。


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城設設計集團出席第十九屆國際植物學大會 SRT Design Group attended the XIX International Botanical Congress 2017, Shenzhen China (IBC 2017)

第十九屆國際植物學大會(International Botanical Congress,簡稱IBC)於2017年7月23-29日在深圳會展中心舉行,由國際植物學會和菌物學會聯合會授權舉辦的植物科學大會,涵蓋了植物科學領域所有分支學科,是全球植物科學領域規模最大丶水準最高的學術會議。國際植物學大會每6年舉辦一次,全面展示植物科學領域最新的研究成果,是植物科學研究領域多學科交流與合作的重要平臺。


The International Botanical Congress (IBC) was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from 23 to 29 July 2017, with part of the symposia being held at the Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel. The XIX International Botanical Congress drew to a successful closing after six days of exchanges and discussions among industry experts and scholars.

Our Landscape Design Director Mr Sean Peng attended the Congress with our landscape team with fruitful learning and sharing of experience. Concurrent with the Congress, the Shenzhen Green Building Institute set up a dedicated committee to study and research on “Vertical Greening for buildings”. SRG City Landscape (Shenzhen) Ltd was invited to be the vice-chair of the Vertical Greening Committee.